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Slimming Cocktail

About Slimming Cocktail


60 minutes


6 Months treatments


from £399

The primary objective of the Slimming Cocktail is to aid in weight loss. It contains components that promote fat breakdown, facilitating the shedding of excess pounds. This can lead to a slimmer and more sculpted appearance.
Note: Intensive draining solution for reducing volume and contour of area. Visibly reduces the appearance of “orange peel” skin.

Benefits of Slimming Cocktail

Enhanced Energy

The treatment boosts your energy levels, helping you stay active and motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

Effective Weight Loss

The Slimming Cocktail aids in weight loss by promoting fat breakdown and metabolism.

Improved Metabolism

It enhances metabolic functions, contributing to more efficient calorie burning.

Slimming Cocktail in Marylebone – Effective Weight Loss

At our renowned Skin Clinic in Marylebone, we offer the transformative Slimming Cocktail treatment designed to aid in weight loss and promote a slimmer, more sculpted appearance. This innovative treatment is perfect for those looking to shed excess pounds and improve their overall metabolism.

About Slimming Cocktail

The Slimming Cocktail is a specialized treatment with a procedure time of 60 minutes. Best results are achieved with a series of treatments over six months. Priced from £399, this treatment combines potent ingredients to facilitate the breakdown of fat, helping you achieve your weight loss goals efficiently.

For more information or to book your Slimming Cocktail treatment, visit our Skin Clinic in Marylebone. Start your journey towards a slimmer, more vibrant you today!

By integrating the Slimming Cocktail into your weight loss regimen, you are taking a significant step towards a healthier, more energetic, and beautifully contoured body. Our clinic provides a comfortable and welcoming environment, making your treatment experience both pleasant and rewarding.

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